Feb 052018

Hello Top Men and Top Women! Time to blog!

Today’s song tag comes to you from the greatest tag team in the world (or at least La Mauricie), GeneSis! One half of the team was in action on Saturday taking on Razor Revolution for the Inter-regional championship. Razor pulled out the win and there was a little dissension in the ranks. They’ve been ordered to square off against one another by GM Nino Mancuso or risk being fired from the FCL forever! What will happen next? Find out next month!

In the shorter term, Shawicon is going down this weekend. I’ll be there on Saturday to see the sights. It should be a good time.

So Sunday we had a plan. It was a good plan. Six of us would get together at Les Dés Truqués an hour before opening to start a campaign of Charterstone. The gist of the plan was known well in advance, weeks even. We’d be playing at 10am. The date remained to be confirmed and that was done on Thursday. Imagine my surprise when I woke up Sunday morning to find messages in our group chat from two of the six saying they couldn’t make it. Time stamp showed both came in a little before 2am. One said that he wasn’t sure he could commit to coming regularly on Sunday mornings so he felt better bowing out before we started. Funny. Seems to me he had plenty of time to come to this realization before Saturday night. The other responded darn and admitted that 10am was a little intense for her. I’m sorry. What? It’s called an alarm clock! Use one! And maybe if you both went to bed at a decent hour, 10am wouldn’t be that difficult! I mean, I went to bed after 1am and I was able to keep my word.

Things come up. I get that. But this was just selfishness. Neither of them was doing anything important that kept them up late on Saturday. They were playing at Les Dés Truqués in fact. There was ample time to bow out. Waiting until late at night the night before was just classless. With a little more time, we might have found two other players to take their place. I had to turn down someone who was interested in playing because the group was full up. He wouldn’t have been able to make it on that particular Sunday but that’s a different issue.

Needless to say neither will be invited to join any further campaigns I’m running.

Okay. That’s been vented. I can go on with my week. Have a good seven y’all and we’ll do this all again next Monday!

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