Jul 312017

Monday already? Time sure does fly.

Whoo boy! I’m feeling super sleepy tonight. I’ve dozed off a couple of times already. Logic dictates that I should go to bed early. Logic rarely wins this argument though.

I’m back to working Mondays. Considering that my original plan was to take all the Mondays in July off I should have been off today, but when I scheduled my vacation days, I was looking at the Fridays to determine which weeks were in which month. This week was in August and so I didn’t ask for today off. Silly me. Next Monday is the Civic Holiday in most of Canada so most of my agency compatriots across the country will be off next week. In Quebec, we get the Saint Jean Baptiste holiday a week before Confederation Day so I’ll still be at work.

So for the longest time I used to draw on weekends. Then I got this idea that if I got my drawing done during the week I’d have more free time during the weekends, that being the time I’d be most likely to socialize. With Les Dés Truqués and Le Joker du Jeu now I find myself wanting my evenings free. I got this weird idea that I could draw Sunday night (the night the bus schedule ends early) and Monday (the day that Les Dés Truqués is closed). With me working on Mondays again, I decided Saturday morning and Sunday evening were for the best. And so I’m back where I started, drawing on the weekends. Funny how life brings us back to where we started sometimes.

I’ve been reading up a lot on Star Wars Destiny. I haven’t been this involved in a game’s meta environment since HeroClix. I like Dice Masters a lot too, but Destiny feels like the meatier game of the two. Plus, Star Wars. Les Dés Truqués is holding an introductory tournament on September 9th. Anything that grows the game locally is a good thing. Maybe I’ll meet a player who has a Luke Skywalker to trade. 🙂

That’s all for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

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