Oct 072017

So yesterday was Friday and I thought I would be late in posting this week’s flashback. Then I remembered I made the call to put this set up on Saturdays. Not late! Woo!

Koko B. Ware did not have the “B” in his name before arriving to the WWF. Neither did he have a macaw with him. These were additions made by the creative team in place (mainly Vince McMahon) in an effort to make Koko fan and more precisely kid-friendly. He was entertaining and arrived with a decent push but it became clear fairly quickly that he was never going to be a main event star. He sang the title song on Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II and it’s a pretty nice tune.

Here’s Zoë, or as I called her back when I first did this mash-up, Zozo. Even though Koko wasn’t the biggest star, the gimmick fits Zoë so well I had to go with it.

Here’s the comparison to the original. I definitely did a better job on the bandanna (man those ears make that kind of thing difficult!). The pose I chose was awkward to draw then and it’s still awkward now, but it’s what I think of when I think of Koko. You can see I still struggle with certain leg poses.

That’s all for this week! We’ll be back for another installment next time!

Sep 022017

Wow! I completely spaced on it being Friday. So let’s celebrate spacing with some space. I think a close-up is well-warranted so don’t forget to click on the pictures to get a closer look.

Here’s Zoë on her space cycle. The helmet is the worst part of the piece. Zoë’s head shape really doesn’t lend itself to wearing a round bubble without a lot of empty space above her head so I cheated and made it more egg-shaped. I wasn’t able to make it look as smooth for some reason. I eventually got frustrated and decided “good enough”.

Here’s the comparison to the original piece. The new piece was in more of a dive so I rotated it to fit with the original. Man that first cycle was something. I tried to make the new design make more sense. I thought I’d done a nice job on the flames on the new piece and then I did next week’s piece and managed something even better! (How’s that for a tease?)

That’s it for this week. Have a fine weekend!

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