Nov 252017

Not forgetting today. Nope! I’m posting this on time! Yay!

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper is my all-time favorite wrestler. The first time I saw him was upon his return from hiatus following Wrestlemania 2. He promised to defeat a journeyman wrestler (polite way of describing one of the wrestlers who always loses) with one hand tied behind his back. And then he did it. He was being solidly cheered. I had no idea that a year earlier he was one of the most hated men in wrestling. However, as is so often the case, eventually you just get so good at being bad that people start to cheer for you and they had to turn Roddy from heel to face. Looking back, I believe that his heel work was stronger than his work as a face, but people loved him too much to ever really turn him back. One of my best memories is going to Montreal for a wrestling card at the Forum (when there was still a Forum) to see Piper wrestle live. It was a special “one-time-only” appearance after he had “retired” so I assumed it would be my only chance to ever see him. He unretired a year or so later but it did ultimately end up being the only time I saw him live. I’m sad that I’ll never get to see him in person again. RIP Hot Rod!

Here’s Todrick as “Rowdy” Toddy Piper. Colouring and shading the kilt was the least fun part as I don’t use masks so I had to carefully erase the white lines after each step. Although it occurs to me now I could have simply redrawn the white lines overtop the shading. Ha! Live and learn!

Here’s a comparison to the original piece. The proportions of the original piece are off, but I feel I really captured Roddy’s pose from the picture I was using as a model. It doesn’t come through quite as strongly in the new piece, though overall it’s a stronger picture.

That’s all for this week. I don’t know that I saved the best for last (I’m torn between Deema as Hawk or Sass as Warrior for that honor), but I wanted to close out this portion with my favorite wrestler so there you have it. Next Friday is the first of December and I’ll be stepping away from the wrestling theme until after Christmas. You’ll get to see who Skitter and Chae dress up as in January. Next week, we start some Christmas flashbacks!

Nov 202017

So the whole weekend went by and I completely spaced out on flashbacks. So here’s a Monday morning edition.

The Road Warriors were one of the most popular tag teams in the world BEFORE they arrived in the WWF. They remained super popular when they got there, but they were renamed the Legion of Doom because of copyright reasons (Vince wanted to own the name, I think). I just think their stints in the WWF were just sort of…lackluster. Hawk was definitely the more charismatic of the two.

Deema is back in her Legion of Doom attire. It’s just a fun costume.

Here’s a comparison to the original. The original was really good, shaky lines aside.

That’s all for today. The nice thing about going up on Monday is that there’s less time to wait before the next installment…assuming it goes up on time.

Nov 112017

Welcome everyone to Saturday Night’s Main (Flashback) Event! I’m Carja McMahon along with Jesse “The Body” Ventura! Let’s go down to ringside!

It’s kinda funny that most of the babyfaces in this set were heels during a significant part of the time period I’m revisiting. The Undertaker is another good example. He was a monster heel that turned out to be too cool to be a bad guy and they had to turn him face. I can’t say I was his biggest fan, though I have a lot of respect for the work he’s put in over the years.

Here’s Cyran as the Undertaker. You know the hat was a significant problem but it turned out pretty decent. I toyed with the notion of putting Cyran on one knee, but that pose was all kinds of complicated so I settled on going simple.

Here’s a comparison to the original piece. I’ve discovered I don’t really like drawing trench coats. So I decided to go with just the basic wrestling gear in the new piece. I also forewent the stubble.

That’s all for this week. Come back next Saturday for more wrestling mayhem!

Nov 042017

One Saturday a month was a really cool weekend with Saturday Night’s Main Event to watch. Now they’re cool with flashbacks.

After Roddy Piper retired, I was in the market for a new favorite wrestler. That turned out to be the Ultimate Warrior. But I’m talking about early Warrior, before he became the world champion and got all weird. He was just this powerful mysterious dude with a lot of energy. He was cool up until he won his second Intercontinental championship. By that time, Piper was back and I’d had enough of the Warrior.

Here’s Sass as the Ultimate Warrior. I’m really, REALLY happy with how this piece turned out.

Here’s the comparison to the original piece. I decided to change the ring gear up this time around. The original piece was pretty good all things considered, but I’m just so much happier with the new one obviously.

That’s all for this week. See you next Saturday!

Oct 282017

Freak out! Freak out! Ooooh yeah! It’s time for another flashback! Dig it!

Randy Savage’s best work was probably as a heel. He was definitely a bad guy when he held the Intercontinental championship (my favorite belt ever). However, he was so charismatic and athletic that it was hard to hate him so they had to turn him face twice. I think I preferred his face run, which is why the Macho Man here with the good guys.

Here’s the Big Oonch reprising the role of the Macho Fur! I really like the piece. The robe may not be sparkly enough, but I like the colouring.

Here’s the comparison to the original piece. As funny as it sounds, I wasn’t able to replicate the original pose (his arms were abnormally long in the original) which is why Oonch is now holding the belt in his right paw. I also forgot to give Oonch the beard in the original piece so I fixed that in the new one.

That’s all for this week. More wrestling highlights next Saturday!

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