Jun 232017

It’s Friday morning and it’s time for a flashback. Have a great day everybody!

I don’t know anything about Ibuki. I needed another female character so I looked through the roster to find one that had an interesting costume that wasn’t over the top. Ibuki was the best I could find at the time. That’s really it.

Sass is back as Ibuki. I based the pose on the bishoujo figurine because it looked really cool. I had to fudge a little with the pants because the toy was too cheesecake for what I was going for. I looked around for some other ideas and found some pictures of Ibuki wearing the one piece underneath and that worked fine.

Here’s the comparison to the original. The arms of the original are really wonky, especially when it comes to elbows.

That’s it for this week. Next week we get to see the first of the new pieces with Skitter and Chae. See you next week!

Jun 162017

Hello and happy Friday to all my Top Men and Top Women out there. Here’s to a great weekend but first let’s check out a flashback!

Vega is also known as Claw, but originally he was named Balrog. As part of the rotation of names when the game was ported from Japan to the US, Balrog’s name was given to M. Bison so that it wouldn’t be as blatantly obviously that they were trying to ape Mike Tyson; M. Bison’s name was given to Vega because Vega didn’t sound threatening enough; and Vega’s name was given to Balrog because it sounded more Spanish. Cute huh? Vega is the only fighter with a weapon in Street Fighter II and is quite the pain to fight…as are all the bosses really, but I had a lot of trouble beating Vega.

Here’s Cyran returning as Vega. Whereas Vega’s claws are a slashing weapon, Cyran’s wrenches are more to bludgeon folk. How does he keep that mask on?

Here’s a comparison to the original. The view is a little different and the paw rotation is less awkward in the new piece at the cost of not seeing all of the wrench weapon.

That’s all for this week. We have one more flashback to go before we get to the new Street Fighter material. See you next week!

Jun 092017

Hello! It’s Friday and that’s good for flashbacks. Let’s get to it.

Balrog is a boxer and apparently he was heavily based on Mike Tyson, hence why he was named M. Bison in the original Japanese version. He was renamed Balrog to make things less obvious. He was one of the three bosses you had to fight before reaching the big boss…M. Bison (Vega in the original).

Here’s Barnaby ready to get in the ring. I like how the boxing pose turned out. I tried something new with the mouth to try to make it look like he was sneering at his opponent.

Here’s the comparison to the original. There was definitely something off about his belly in the original and his paws were way too small.

And that’s all for this week. Next Friday is…another day.

May 262017

Hey it’s Friday! Another week has come and is about to go! That’s always good news. And what better way to celebrate than to post a flashback? I can’t think of one, can you?

Guile is one of two American fighters from Street Fighter II (the other being Ken). His military fatigues suggest that he’s in the armed forces. For some reason, he was probably my least favorite character in Street Fighter II (well maybe after Blanka). His trademark is his spiked hair.

Here’s Red Rich, or rather Green Rich, stepping in as Guile. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this piece. It’s solid.

Here’s a comparison to the original. The frontal pose of the original showed the costume more, but I like the dimensions better on the second. And just now, as I’m posting this, I realize that I forgot to include the American flag tattoo on his right arm in the new piece. The old piece’s hair makes me wonder where his ears are. I corrected that in the new one as I can believe his ears are actually somewhere in all that hair.

That’s it for this week. Have a good weekend everybody and see you all again next week for more fun stuff!


May 192017

Hello and welcome back to Flashback Friday where Friday is full of deja vu. And that’s a good thing!

Cammy was added to Street Fighter II: The New Warriors. Why they didn’t just make the move to Street Fighter III is beyond me. She’s British special forces…or something like that.

Here’s Zoë returning as Cammy. The biggest challenge was fitting the beret on her head. Once again I had to resort to covering up one ear with it.

Here’s the comparison to the original. This is one of the pieces I was most looking forward to redoing. The dimensions of the original were just terrible. The idea of giving Zoë abs didn’t really work out either.

That’s all for this week. More fighting in the streets next week.

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