Aug 262015

Mash-up time! Mash-up time! It’s my very favorite time of week…tied with new comic day 1, new comic day 2, blog day and bandit comic day. That said, let’s get to the mash-up.

Unhygienix is the village fishmonger. Despite the questionable freshness of his wares, he manages to stay in business which is surprising given that the villagers all seem to almost exclusively eat wild boar. A common gag in the series is for someone to make a comment about how Unhygienix’s fish are not fresh and for a fight to break out. His village rival is Fulliautomatix, the blacksmith (more on him next week).

I juggled roles around at the last minute. Up until I sat down to start drawing this piece, Tomaw was going to be playing Unhygienix. I switched because I decided that I didn’t want Popkin to play the part I originally had planned for him and Tomaw was the only other male character left (I’m not posting these in the order I drew them) so I switched them. You’ll see which role Tomaw got in a few weeks.


That’s all for this week. Next week is Fulliautomatix’s turn. Who’ll be playing him? Find out next Wednesday (it’s not Tomaw).

Jan 232015

Sweet Six it’s time for the last flashback! I can’t believe it’s finally here! Let’s get right to it.

Our last theme is Star Wars. It’s been such an important part of my life growing up, it’s kind of fitting. As always, click on a picture and you’ll get to see it again only bigger!

Popkin of all characters is the one to close things out as Chewbacca. Why Popkin and not a flashier design to close the flashbacks out with a bang? Honestly, it’s because I almost forgot him and so I stuck him on at the end. Sorry about that ol’ bird. Have a jar of gherkins on me!


Here’s the comparison to the original mash-up.


And that’s it for the flashbacks. Maybe someday I’ll feel the urge to revisit some of those middle mash-ups. I know I can do them better but they weren’t nearly as bad as the first sets. For now I’m ready to move on to something else that’s different yet the same. The new strip series featuring the Pickle Patch Bandits starts next Friday! I hope to see you all then!

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