Apr 282017

It’s Friday morning! That means the work week is coming to a close, but more importantly, it’s flashback time! Click on a pic! You’ll see it big!

Chun-li was THE female character in Street Fighter II…until The New Challengers came out where they added Cammy. She kicked butt…literally. Her specialty was a flurry of kicks that was pretty much the easiest of all the special moves to pull off, at least for me.

Here’s Nektara as Chun-li. That kicking pose is quite something to draw considering my characters’ dimensions.

Here’s the comparison to the original. Oddly enough, the posing might be a little better on the original, but the overall effect is of course much better in the new piece. The colouring is more on model for Nektara for sure.

That’s all for this week. More fighting in the street next week.

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