Mar 102017

Hello there Browncoats! It’s Flashback Friday or have I already said that? Let’s get to it. Remember you can click on a picture to get a better view.

Kaylee is Serenity’s mechanic and she’s adorable. She has a sunny disposition and is down-to-earth. There ain’t a power in the ‘verse what can make Kaylee be less cheerful.

Here’s Nektara’s second turn as Kaylee. Nothing special to say about drawing her other than I’m happy with the results.

Here’s the comparison to the original. I didn’t have a lot of complaints about the original. The lines were a bit shaky but I was really happy with it. The posing is a little better on the new one (paws on the hips) and the dimensions are more streamlined. The colouring is better as well.

That’s it. Come back for more flashbacks next Friday.

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