Dec 112017

Greetings Programs! It’s time for the blog that is on Mondays. For it is Monday which is a day of blogging, so let us get to the blogging that falls on Mondays.

My ticket is purchased and I’m ready for Thursday’s preview showing of The Last Jedi. Can’t wait! Star Wars has been an important part of my life for a long time. There have been ups and downs. I was in a quiet patch until Episode VII. Despite its flaws, I really enjoyed that movie and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

But before I get to The Last Jedi, I have to get through Wednesday and my return to gamemastering in the Star Wars universe. I decided it would be fun to GM a one-shot adventure the night before the premiere. This will be mostly seat-of-my-pants GMing. I have no idea who my players will be (there’s only been one confirmation so far), nor what characters they’ll want to play and to make it even more challenging, I’m going to let them choose between three time periods to play in: Birth of the Rebellion (between Episode III and IV), The Galactic Civil War (between Episode IV and V) or the Fall of the Empire (between Episode VI and VII), with a different scenario in mind for each period. Crazy huh?

To make things easier on myself, I’m going back to the beginning and using the First Edition for West End Games’ Star Wars RPG system. I have so many good memories playing that system. It’s one of the easiest systems and more importantly, character creation literally is done in minutes. The players pick their class, distribute seven dice worth of training points and we’re ready to go. That will give us with more time to play.

That system turned 30 years old this year. Fantasy Flight Games is going to be releasing a special edition reprint of the two core books. I was hoping they’d be out in time…you know, BEFORE the end of the 30th anniversary.The original rulebook is one of the few books I can’t seem to find my original copy of. I can’t find my second edition rulebook either for that matter. I downloaded a PDF copy and Fab is loaning me his copy to get me through. I have just about every other book that matters (and some that really don’t). I should be set.

That’s it for this week. Have a good seven and May the Force be with you…until next Monday where we’ll do this all again. Carja V.



Dec 042017

Hello there Top Men and Top Women. It’s story time in blog corner.

So my city’s bus company decided to switch from simple cardboard bus passes to magnetic strip passes. When you get on the bus, you swipe your card and the bus records your ride. You have to pay a deposit for your first pass and trade in your old pass every month for the new one. They then reprogram the cards from the previous month to be used the following month. Yay technology, right? (Oh, not all buses have a reader so when you get on one of those, you just show the card which has no distinguishing features to be able to tell if it’s for the correct month or not.

I bought my December pass on Thursday and all was good in the world…until I tried to use it. The reader kept saying it was expired even while clearly recognizing it as a card for the month of December. I used it several times over the weekend and each time, the reader said it was expired. It took until Sunday for one of the bus drivers to tell me I could go to city hall to get a replacement card. So that’s where I went today after work. The transaction was smooth and within five minutes I was out of there. Next destination: Wal-Mart for new winter shoes. Problem: the next bus in that direction wasn’t due for forty minutes. Neither was the bus home.

So I walked to Wal-Mart and got there with very little time to spare before the bus home was set to pass. Was I going to have to spend an hour at Wal-Mart? I could feel the minutes ticking away as I tried to find a suitable pair of shoes in my size (no easy feat…or should I say feet? Ahhhh homophones!) I found a pair, tried them on and checked my watch. If the bus was a couple of minutes late (not unusual) I might have enough time to pay and get out to the bus stop in the parking lot in time.

I paid and made a beeline to the door. Once outside, I could see the bus in the distance waiting at a red light before being able to roll into the parking lot. I ran and made it to the bus stop with just enough time to start catching my breath before the bus pulled up. Mission accomplished!

So that’s my mundane story for the week. No gaming experiences to share other than we played the penultimate mission of our Imperial Assault campaign.  David can’t make it next Sunday so barring any other scheduling conflicts, the thrilling conclusion will take place on December 17th. Will the Empire (me) win out? Find out on the 18th!

That’s all for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday! Carja V.



Nov 272017

Greeting Programs! Time for another blog!

I won my first Star Wars Destiny tournament on Saturday! Granted there were only five players and one was a beginner, but it still counts! I rolled out a Sabine/Rebel Commando deck that was able to generate huge damage rolls. The first game was pretty decisive. The second was tighter and I barely squeaked out the third against the beginner (which is why my tournament win counts). He was using one of the extra decks I brought with me which featured Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos. Ironically, it was the deck I thought was the weakest, but it’s the one he wanted to play. The most important is he had fun and wants to get into the game. So yeah bay-bee!

I went from the tournament to an evening of gaming with some friends from work. We played until past two in the morning and had a really good time. Surprisingly in all that time, we only managed to play three games: Sheriff of Nottingham, Tournament at Camelot and Pina Pirata. It was my first time playing Tournament at Camelot and I don’t think I did a great job of explaining and I know I got things wrong, but I know enough to say that it’s an interesting game that I’ll need to try again, playing correctly.

Sunday was Imperial Assault day. I won the first mission and lost the second by a pretty slim margin. That’s two losses now, which I’m okay with. I’ve been waiting for it to happen and now it’s happened. I’m actually really surprised by how well I’ve done. The day continued with some Hero Realms before moving to Lords of Waterdeep and Dragonfire, so all in all another charged weekend of gaming.

On the heels of a weekend with little sleep, I was paying for it today at work. But I regret nothing!

Whoops! Got distracted by a notification of the Sesame Street Stranger Things parody and now it’s time for Raw. I’ll probably feel asleep before the main event as usual. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

Nov 212017

Hey there! Feels like just this morning I was posting a flashback and now it’s already time for a blog. Weird huh?

Yeah I can’t believe I went through the whole weekend before remembering to post the flashback. Whoops! I can only promise to try to do better next time.

On top of being lax in my posting duties, I also was slack when it comes to drawing over the weekend. I only finished my second strip a half hour ago. You will note that no part of Monday is encapsulated in the weekend, so yeah.

What was I doing instead of drawing? Funny you should ask. On Saturday, I was watching Justice League. As a DC fan, I was really hoping for a good movie. They set the bar so low with Batman v Superman and I haven’t even been able to bring myself to watch Suicide Squad. Wonder Woman gave me hope though and I’m happy to say Justice League is a fun ride. It’s far from a perfect movie, but it’s way better than I was fearing. I could definitely sense Joss Whedon’s influence on the dialogue even through the dub. I’m sad about the circumstances which led Zack Snyder from being unable to finish the movie, but what he did with his previous outings in the DC universe left me with little hope that I would have enjoyed the movie as much as I did if he had.

On Sunday I got to bring Star Wars Rebellion to the table for only the second time and it was epic. I played the Empire and managed to destroy the Rebel base about a turn before my opponent was able to complete the objectives that would have won him the game. Dantooine. They were on Dantooine. I sent an excursion there first so as not to commit the entire fleet stationed in the sector to that system. I also had Ilum has a possibility to check out on if Dantooine didn’t pan out. But it did and so I was able to send the rest of the fleet in to mop up the remains. Combat remains the weakest part of the game. I’m looking forward to trying the game out with the expansion (even if it means I have to include Rogue One content).

I also tried Dragonfire and wow is it a tough nut to crack. The quick-start scenario walloped me hard twice. I’d heard that difficulty balance could be an issue with less than four players. I’m hoping that it’s limited to the quick-start scenario though since I don’t know that I’ll consistently be able to get four players to the table (including me) very often.

That’s it for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

Nov 132017

Hello Top Men and Top Women. Time for a little bloggin’ on this Monday.

As I have this Monday after Remembrance Day off I will offer a word of thanks to all the brave men and women who have fought and who continue to fight to keep us safe. Thank you.

So I have this campaign of Imperial Assault going. I’m running the Empire against my friends who are playing the Rebel heroes. We’re eight games in and I’ve only lost once. It’s crazy as each game has come down pretty close to the wire. The campaign goes to the winner of the last scenario so these wins might not mean all that much. They are giving me more advantages though so I’m hoping to pull it out in the end as well.

I got to try the new Justice League trading card game by Panini. It makes me think of a cross between Pokemon and Magic with a superhero theme. I don’t like the blind starters (there are four different starter decks and you don’t know which one you’ll get when you buy one. I understand the rationale behind it (they didn’t want everybody to buy the Batman starter and stores be left with a bunch of Cyborg starters that nobody wants), but I still don’t like the idea of not being able to get the starter you actually want. The game is fun though so I’ve bought in for some starters and a few boosters. I don’t expect to go as crazy as I have for Destiny (my wallet can’t take it) but I’ll buy some more boosters here and there.

There was another great FCL wrestling show on Saturday. One of my childhood friends used to wrestle for them over a decade ago. He’s retired from the wrestling game but he and his brother came out of retirement for a match against a current heel team. They’re a great team with a lot of energy and the crowd still remembers and loves them. The Reno Brothers still have it.

That’s all I got for this week. Have a good seven y’all and we’ll do this again next Monday. Carja V.

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