Jan 272017

Hey there folks! Time for the last Masters of the Universe mash-up! Let’s get to it!

I really liked Mer-Man for some reason. The figure wasn’t great and had no action feature, but I liked him anyway. Maybe it was the voice in the cartoon that I just thought was nifty. He sounded like he was gargling as he spoke all the time. Oh well. He was one of the first figures to come out and one I never got. When it came time for pooling our figures together for a draft, I always managed to draft him because he just wasn’t that popular.

Here’s Skitter as Mer-Man. I’d imagine he didn’t enjoy dying his fur green to achieve the right look, but it’s the sacrifice one makes for cosplay.

That’s it for Masters of the Universe! We go on to Firefly next week. See you next Friday for the first!

Jan 202017

Hello there Top Men and Top Women! It’s mash-up time again and ON time this week. Awesomeness! Click on a pic to make it big.

I loved Sy-Klone as a kid. The figure’s action feature was just really cool. He had a little dial on his back that you could turn to make his upper body spin around like…a cyclone. His colour scheme was also fairly unique. The yellow and blue worked well together for me. He arrived near the end of the line (for me at least) and so I know next to nothing about the character, but the toy was really cool. He may be the last Masters of the Universe figure I bought until the 200X reboot. At least that I remember.

Skitter is here as Sy-Klone. I went for a bit of an action pose. He’s either just finished, or just about to start, spinning.

That’s it for this week. Come back next week for the final Masters of the Universe installment as Skitter takes his villainous turn. See you then!

Jan 142017

Hi there. By now you’re all used to things being posted late right? I don’t know what’s wrong with my remembery. I just keep forgetting. This does not bode so well for me.

I know about as much about Jitsu as I do about Fisto. They both have huge metal gloves on their right hands. One’s good, the other is evil. The good guy punches, the other does karate chops. That’s about all there is to them.

Here’s Chae as Jitsu.I like how the shading on the sword worked out.

That’s all for this week. Two more weeks of Masters of the Universe mash-ups. Next week is Skitter’s heroic turn.

Jan 062017

Hello there and welcome back to another installment of “It’s Not Saturday Yet So I’m Not Late With the Mash-up Though I Was Totally Late With the Strip So You Got Me There”. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

I don’t have any interesting tidbits about Fisto. I never had the action figure and I didn’t care for the character. I was kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel when I chose him as a character to feature as a mash-up. There was a lot of reuse in the toy line, and Fisto at least looks different from other characters, so yay Fisto for that.

Here’s Chae as Fisto. I think the mash-up turned out well considering my dislike of the character overall.

There’s of course no comparison to an original to be had so that’s all for this week. Next week will be Chae’s villainous turn. See you next Friday for the reveal.

Dec 302016

Hey there Top Men and Top Women. Glad to have you back for another flashback! Remember you can click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

Webstor had one of my favorite action features. He had a backpack that contained some kind of pulley system so when you pulled on the string from the bottom, he would climb up the length of the string. Really cool. He was a spider creature. I don’t remember that he ever got featured in the cartoon so his character was a little lacking other than just being the spider villain. Still, he was one of my favorite figures just because of the feature.

Zoë’s here as Webstor. She’s about to throw her grappling hook so she can scale a wall. Are the red eyes creepy? If she had more of a forehead, I would have more eyes to replicate the figure.

Here’s the comparison to the original mash-up. The original was my least favorite of the set. The idea behind the pose was good, but it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted. That’s why I went with a simpler pose this time around. It turned out SOOOOO much better.

That’s all for this week. It’s also the last Masters of the Universe mash-up. We have four all-new pieces coming up so Skitter and Chae can join in the fun. Any guesses as to which character’s they’ll be portraying? It’s two heroes and two villains.

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