Mar 182015

Hello Joe! See what I did there? The theme is G.I.JOE and I called you…ahem. Yes. Welcome to another Wednesday of mash-up fun!

This week is the final Cobra mash-up (until I decide another new character deserves some classic mash-up theme treatment). As always, click on a picture to enlarge it.

Chae closes things out as Felina (the Kitty version of Serpentor). Serpentor’s colours are green and gold so of course I did one layer with those colours. However, while green works well for a snake, I wasn’t convinced that it was the best choice for a cat. I searched for alternate colour schemes and while I didn’t find any official repaints, there were some custom paint jobs out there with the Python Patrol colours. I thought they looked sharp so I tried that as well. My personal choice for colours were purple and silver so I did a layer of that also. All that work to find out that really, the green and gold looked the best (my personal choice I felt gave more of a Shredder from TMNT vibe). At least in my opinion…what do y’all think?


Only the official Serpentor colours got onto the action figure card.


That’s all for this week. Next time is a new theme! Find out which one next Wednesday?

Mar 112015

Hello and good Wednesday to you! It’s great to see you. Ready for a new mash-up? Of course you are. Let’s get to it.

We saw some new Joes, now it’s time for some new Cobra characters. As always, click on a picture to enlarge it.

I really avoided Firefly the first time around because I didn’t want to feature any characters wearing masks. “If he’s wearing a mask, nobody can tell who’s wearing it, so what’s the point of calling it a mash-up?” Well, when it came time for Skitter to join the Cobra ranks, I had trouble finding an iconic Cobra character. In the end, I decided the mask wasn’t so bad because you could see the fur around his eyes and tell it was Skitter. I’m glad I did, because I love this piece! So here’s Skitterfly.


Here’s Skitterfly’s action figure card.


And that’s all for this week. See you next Wednesday for Chae’s turn at being the Kitty Empress!

Mar 042015

It is now time for the Wednesday Mash-up!

It’s a return to the Joeverse today. As always, click on a pic to enlarge it.

I don’t know why, but when it came to the Joe side, I really wanted the girls to dress up as female Joe characters. I didn’t have the same hang-up when it came to the Cobra side…It worked out fine for the others. I had four girls to dress up, there are four main Joe gals. For Chae though, I really had to dig (which is fitting, her being a mole and all). In digging, I found Bomb Strike. She doesn’t have the most elaborate uniform or anything, but all in all, I think it turned out alright.


Here’s the card. Bomb Strike originally appeared on a Venom vs. Valor card. I used the pose from that release on a vintage card. I found what I think is a mock-up someone made of what a 25th anniversary card for Bomb Strike would have looked like, but I liked the Venom vs. Valor artwork better.


That’s all for this week. Next week it’s Kitty’s turn!

Feb 252015

I bid a good Wednesday to all the good friends of the site, I bid a good Wednesday to the casual visitors, and I bid a good Wednesday to the newcomers. If you’re not somewhere on that list, you can have a good Wednesday too, I suppose.

The Skitter and Chae mash-up ride is moving into Joe territory. As always, click on a picture to enlarge it.

Here we have Skitter as Mini Slam. I guess it’s an odd choice of characters, but I think Skitter deserves a jetpack, so there you have it.


Here’s his card.


And that’s all for this week. If you think I went off the map for Skitter’s character choice, wait til you see Chae next week! See you next Wednesday for the reveal!

Jan 022015

Hello peoples! It’s the second post of 2015! I swear I’m not going to make that a thing. It’s just the first time I’m writing for the site in the new year (yesterday’s post was a Funny). Anyway, before we move on, let me just mention for those of you following on Facebook and wondering, there WAS a flashback posted last week. It was Cyran as Captain America. I was having trouble with my Facebook connection last week and it never updated.

I drew what is technically the last of the flashbacks today. I say technically, because the last flashback I have planned is of something I haven’t drawn before. I’m lumping it in with the flashbacks because it’s a theme I’ve done before. What is it? Well, you’ll find out on January 30th, when the last flashback goes live! For now, let’s just be happy with this week’s flashback. What I was thinking of for the last flashback will actually be the first of a new set of mash-ups which will bring new characters into old themes, like I did with Deema after her introduction. Who and what? You’ll find out January 21st, when the next mash-up theme is due. For now, let’s enjoy this week’s flashback.

Deema is here to close out the G.I.JOE theme as Jinx. Deema was first cast as Jinx because Jinx was the last of the original Joe gals. I wasn’t really feeling drawing Jinx again though. I rooted through (my go-to spot for Joe information) trying to find a different character to go with and nothing was working for me. So I decided to stick with Jinx, but I went with the revised card art which I thought would be a little more interesting to draw. So here it is.


I went with the revised art, but I stuck to my basic card layout just to keep things uniform.


And here’s the comparison to the original mash-up.


So that closes out G.I.JOE. Next week, is Star Wars (and it’s not even the last one) so come on back for that. Have a great weekend!

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