Dec 092017

So I forgot yesterday and almost forgot today, but here it is!

Here’s Deema as Santa Claus. Doesn’t she look happy and adorable?

Here’s a comparison to the original. Interesting note, the original was created exactly 5 years ago today.

That’s all for this week,

Nov 202017

So the whole weekend went by and I completely spaced out on flashbacks. So here’s a Monday morning edition.

The Road Warriors were one of the most popular tag teams in the world BEFORE they arrived in the WWF. They remained super popular when they got there, but they were renamed the Legion of Doom because of copyright reasons (Vince wanted to own the name, I think). I just think their stints in the WWF were just sort of…lackluster. Hawk was definitely the more charismatic of the two.

Deema is back in her Legion of Doom attire. It’s just a fun costume.

Here’s a comparison to the original. The original was really good, shaky lines aside.

That’s all for today. The nice thing about going up on Monday is that there’s less time to wait before the next installment…assuming it goes up on time.

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