Aug 192017

Well a Friday has come and gone and somehow I completely spaced out on posting this week’s flashback. How appropriate what with the theme being space and all. Yes. That’s totally why I did it.

Here’s Deema in her alien queen costume. That helmet was something else. For the design to work I had to give her huge shoulder armor. I think the glass effect worked really well here. It’s possibly my favorite piece of the set.

Here’s a comparison to the original. I have Deema much more human proportions the first time around. Her head isn’t nearly as large as it is today. It was much more difficult redesigning this costume than I had figured.

That’s all for this week. More space age adventures next week.

Feb 242017

Hello Top Men and Women. It’s Friday already. Time for a trip in the wayback machine again. Remember that a picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.

River was recruited to be a part of a gifted children program. There they performed untold experiments on her that left her a little broken. She was broken out of the center by her brother, Simon. She appears to have limited powers of precognition and is incredibly gifted in combat.

Deema’s character is an opposite to River’s. Deema is always smiling whereas River…isn’t. This is therefore her greatest acting challenge.

Here’s a comparison to the original. I can’t say the original turned out poorly. The lines aren’t as smooth as today’s, but it turned out fairly well.

That’s it for this week. More ‘fly next week.

Dec 162016

Good time period! It’s time to mash things up, flashback style! Click on pictures to enlarge them!

Whiplash had an interesting shade of green. Other than that, I didn’t really care for him. His gimmick was that like every other Masters of the Universe figure, you could twist his waist and it would snap back only he had a long tail so he could knock other figures down with it when you did so.

Here’s Deema as Whiplash. It’s weird seeing her act so angry, right? She really got into the role.

Here’s the comparison to the original piece. Other than my shaky hand, I’d say this was a case where the original turned out pretty well.

That’s it for this week. Believe it or else, there are more Masters of the Universe mash-ups coming up!

Sep 162016

Hello Flashback Fans. It’s time. Let’s get to it! As always click on a picture to see a close-up.

Man-at-Arms, as his name suggests, is the weapon master and an advisor in King Randor’s court, an inventor who creates a lot of fabulous weapons and vehicles for the good guys in Masters of the Universe. He’s also Teela’s adoptive father. More importantly though, he’s also one of the few to know He-Man’s secret, that he’s really Prince Adam.

Here’s Deema as Man-at-Arms or rather, Lizard-at-Arms. I really like how the chest armor turned out here. It’s a good solid piece and the colouring really came out fine (and not just because she’s wearing my favourite colour, orange)!


And here’s the comparison to the older piece. Other than the shaky pen lines the original wasn’t too bad for the time. The limb proportions aren’t terribly off compared to some. The new one is of course a lot sharper.


That’s all for this week. More Masters of the Universe flashbacks to come every Friday! Have a great weekend!

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