Jul 282017

Hello Flashback Fans. It’s time.

Here’s Cyran about to do some repairs outside his spacecraft. The most difficult thing to get right was him reaching out for that handle. It took a lot of tries with different angles for the handle to get it looking halfway acceptable. Cyran hasn’t been drawn with his orange backpack since his time in Horvath’s camp, but this spacesuit inverts his original colour scheme using my two favorite colours (orange and purple). I wish I could nail drawing circles starting from any start position. It would have been easier to hide the merging of the brush stroke if it had been where the helmet connects to this body. (A lot) more practice required.

Here’s a comparison to the original. This is a huge upgrade all around as Cyran was probably the weakest piece of that original set. The proportions work better and the folding of his ears inside the helmet looks much more natural. The simple change of changing his goggles and belt from brown to black looks better as well.

That’s all for this week. More space age adventures next week.

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