Jun 162017

Hello and happy Friday to all my Top Men and Top Women out there. Here’s to a great weekend but first let’s check out a flashback!

Vega is also known as Claw, but originally he was named Balrog. As part of the rotation of names when the game was ported from Japan to the US, Balrog’s name was given to M. Bison so that it wouldn’t be as blatantly obviously that they were trying to ape Mike Tyson; M. Bison’s name was given to Vega because Vega didn’t sound threatening enough; and Vega’s name was given to Balrog because it sounded more Spanish. Cute huh? Vega is the only fighter with a weapon in Street Fighter II and is quite the pain to fight…as are all the bosses really, but I had a lot of trouble beating Vega.

Here’s Cyran returning as Vega. Whereas Vega’s claws are a slashing weapon, Cyran’s wrenches are more to bludgeon folk. How does he keep that mask on?

Here’s a comparison to the original. The view is a little different and the paw rotation is less awkward in the new piece at the cost of not seeing all of the wrench weapon.

That’s all for this week. We have one more flashback to go before we get to the new Street Fighter material. See you next week!

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