Aug 052015

Hello peoples! Wednesday almost came and went without a mash-up! I swear at least three times today I told myself I needed to post and every time I got distracted. I had just put my head down for a good night’s sleep when I remembered again. Well, better late than never!

Geriatrix is the village elder. He’s a cantankerous old soul, always griping about how things used to be better in the old days. He’s small and feeble but he’s not afraid to take a whack with his cane at a young whippersnapper who gets fresh. Somehow he married the most beautiful woman in the village (more on her next week).

Since Diggle was already cast as Getafix, I decided to go with my other elder characer, Crismus, for Geriatrix. It’d been a while since I’d drawn Crismus. I like the way he turned out. I think I managed to capture just the right attitude for Geriatrix.


That’s all for this week. As noted above, next week we’ll take a look at Geriatrix’s loving wife. See you then!

Apr 092014
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