Sep 152017

Welcome back friend! It’s time for another mash-up. Let’s do this!

Here’s Chae in her space age finery. It’s the most far-out costume I came up with for the set. I like it, but even though I was inspired by some great art for the costume elements, I’m not 100% convinced it fits the theme. As crazy as it sounds, I think the colours I chose work against that pulpy sci-fi feel I was going for with this theme. The piece is good enough that I don’t consider it a fail. It’s fun but a little off the mark.

That’s all for this week. We conclude the set next Friday with Skitter. See you then!


Jul 072017

Welcome to Friday, it’s a swell day, especially with a mash-up to share. Let’s get to that.

Juri is…I have no idea. She was introduced in Street Fighter IV and from her demeanor I’d say she’s one of the bad guys. As with Ibuki, I chose her as one of the least over-the-top costume choices that still held some interest.

Here’s Chae as Juri. I chose what I felt was one of the more striking poses I saw for Juri. I don’t feel like I quite did it justice though it turned out fairly well all the same.

That’s it for this week and for the Street Fighter revisit. We’re going back to the space age next week. Check it out on Friday. Have a great weekend!

Apr 142017

Hello and Good Friday to you all (see what I did there?) It’s mash-up time.

When we first meet Saffron, she’s a seemingly innocent girl who ends up married to Mal after a celebration on her home world. By the episode’s end, Serenity has a new nemesis. She ends up coming back for a second episode only this time, she’s Bridget or maybe Yolanda. I’m being purposefully vague so as not to spoil any of the stories for those of you who haven’t watched the show.

Here’s Chae as Saffron / Bridget / Yolanda. It’s a simple drawing. The costume isn’t very iconic. It’s been a stylistic choice to keep Chae from wearing wigs in most mash-ups, but this one I felt she had to, to sell the character.

That’s all for this week and for the Firefly theme. A new series of flashbacks starts next week! Yay!

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