Jul 062016

Hey hey! It’s Wednesday and time for a mash-up. Let’s go!

Mega Man was one of my favorite video game franchises on the NES. The first game in the series was tough. It took a while before I was able to play through it. I remember playing through at least four sequels that were all much easier. We were able to play through each of them in one rental (one weekend). I didn’t play any of the Mega Man X games on the Super Nintendo, mainly because I didn’t have one, but also because the esthetic changed and I didn’t really like the new look. Many years later, a new Mega Man game came out on the Playstation Network that reproduced the old 8-Bit style. It was harder than the original. I wasn’t able to complete a single level.

Here’s Red Blue Rich as Mega Man. Not much to say about this piece other than there’s a lot of blue in it. I considered doing different colour schemes to represent the various power-ups Mega Man gets from defeating the various Wily Robots, but didn’t think it added much for all the work it involved so I just stuck to the classic colour scheme.

Mega Man

That’s all for this week. Which video game franchise will appear next Wednesday? Come back next week to find out!

Apr 282016

So I’m late again. I went to see The Jungle Book last night (I liked it) and totally forgot about the Wednesday Mash-up. So here it is, on Thursday!

I can’t get into playing a paladin because they skew too far on the alignment scale either in concept. They’re a little too close to zealotry for my tastes, though their power set is interesting. It’s a good mix of fighter and cleric, able to deal great damage and some healing power for support.

Was there anybody else who could play the paladin other than Red Rich? He’s pretty much a paladin minus the divine magic as it is. It’s been a while since I offered a palette set of Riches. Since this theme isn’t set for any specific characters, it lends itself well to it, so here are Red, Blue and Green Rich as paladins.


That’s all for this week. New character class to follow. See you next Wednesday!

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