Oct 282017

Freak out! Freak out! Ooooh yeah! It’s time for another flashback! Dig it!

Randy Savage’s best work was probably as a heel. He was definitely a bad guy when he held the Intercontinental championship (my favorite belt ever). However, he was so charismatic and athletic that it was hard to hate him so they had to turn him face twice. I think I preferred his face run, which is why the Macho Man here with the good guys.

Here’s the Big Oonch reprising the role of the Macho Fur! I really like the piece. The robe may not be sparkly enough, but I like the colouring.

Here’s the comparison to the original piece. As funny as it sounds, I wasn’t able to replicate the original pose (his arms were abnormally long in the original) which is why Oonch is now holding the belt in his right paw. I also forgot to give Oonch the beard in the original piece so I fixed that in the new one.

That’s all for this week. More wrestling highlights next Saturday!

Aug 252017

It’s Flashback Time again, it being Friday and all. Let us see what pops up…though if you’ve read the title you already know what’s coming and if you’ve noticed the preview picture then you’ve also seen what’s coming. Let’s not these truthful truths stop us from having some flashback fun.

Here’s the Big Oonch in his space suit out for a space walk. What an awful lot of glare on his helmet huh? And right over his eyes too! I mean, what are the odds that the one time he’s not wearing ANYTHING to cover his eyes that there would be so much localized glare?

Here’s a comparison to the original. That original pose was so goofy. And his arms were super long! The proportions are much better in the new piece as should be expected.

That’s all for this week. More fun in the space age to follow next Friday!

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