Jul 142017

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m home so yay for that. It’s time for a flashback so yay for that as well.

The space age set was an homage to pulp science fiction stories and movies. They don’t have a huge regard for actual science and thus would probably be better qualified as science fantasy. There’s just something fun about the retro look. The Rayguns & Rocketships kickstarter won me over almost on the look of it alone.

We start our trip down asteroid memory lane with Barnaby. If I had to pick a role for him, it would be a space fleet cadet, ready to serve. My favorite element is the glass faceplate effect.

Here’s the comparison to the original. Barnaby has clearly lost some weight in five years. The original piece had Barnaby saluting. I tried to go for that again in the new piece, but it looks more like he’s shielding his eyes from the light as he looks at something in the distance.

That’s all for this week. See you next Friday for another reveal.

Jun 092017

Hello! It’s Friday and that’s good for flashbacks. Let’s get to it.

Balrog is a boxer and apparently he was heavily based on Mike Tyson, hence why he was named M. Bison in the original Japanese version. He was renamed Balrog to make things less obvious. He was one of the three bosses you had to fight before reaching the big boss…M. Bison (Vega in the original).

Here’s Barnaby ready to get in the ring. I like how the boxing pose turned out. I tried something new with the mouth to try to make it look like he was sneering at his opponent.

Here’s the comparison to the original. There was definitely something off about his belly in the original and his paws were way too small.

And that’s all for this week. Next Friday is…another day.

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