Aug 242016

Wednesday isn’t over yet! There’s still time to squeeze in a mash-up!

When Luke walks into Jabba’s Palace, we can see he’s a changed man. Sure the black threads and the cloak make him look more serious, but he acts with more confidence. It’s almost like he’s a Jedi or something. He keeps the hood of his cloak up until he’s in front of Jabba and then it’s time for the dramatic reveal…even though we know who he is. But Jabba doesn’t, so there’s that. He has a well laid-out plan that looks terrible at first, but it all works out in the end and he and the others are able to save Han Solo from the vile gangster’s clutches.

Here’s Nektara reenacting that dramatic reveal. I thought it’d be a really cool pose to try to capture. I think it works…sorta.

Luke Jedi Knight

That’s all for this week. Next week we start with the flashbacks on Friday so no Wednesday updates for the next few months (no really, there are going to be a lot of flashbacks!)

Nov 072014

Hello Flashback Friends. It’s Friday, isn’t it wonderful? I’ve been ready for Friday since Tuesday and finally it’s here. The first step towards having a good Friday is to do a flashback and here’s mine!

It’s already Star Wars time again. That was quick. I have quite a few repeat themes coming up as we enter the final stretch of flashbacks. As always, a click will enlarge the picture.

Deema as Yoda came about since Yoda is green and so is Deema. Not very deep reasoning huh? In case it’s not entirely clear from the picture, she’s wearing fake ears with plastic wraps that rest on her antennae.


Here’s the comparison to the original mash-up. Deema’s head has rounded out a wee bit wider over time.


That’s all for this week. Next week’s flashback will be here in a flash…or a week. Probably a week.

Aug 292014

Good morning Flashback Friday Fans! How do I know you’re fans? Well you’re here aren’t you? Sure you could have just followed some random link to end up here, but I prefer to think you’re all fans so don’t take that away from me! 🙂

Rumor has it that the Dark Side has cookies and I think that’s what attracted a young fox to become Darth Todrick. If only he’d had a conversation with Cookie Monster who recently debunked the myth. Anyway, here’s the reimagining of Todrick as Darth Vader. One thing about colouring with blacks is that I have to use varying shades of black throughout the costume and then when I shade them, they all turn out looking pretty similar which makes me wonder why I bothered. It’s really the shading that sells the different materials anyway. As always click on a picture to enlarge it.


Here’s the comparison to the original mash-up.


So this week we have a Dark Lord, but next week, we have a GOD! Who is it? Come back next Friday to find out! Write in your guesses in the comments!

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