Sep 232015

It’s mash-up tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! *ahem* So mash-ups.

Redbeard is the captain of a pirate ship. Whenever Asterix and Obelix travel by ship they inevitably come across Redbeard and much mayhem ensues (and their ship sinks). Even when the pirates try to go legit, things work against them.

Tomaw gets to close us out as Redbeard. Originally, Tomaw was going to play Unhygienix and Popkin was going to be Redbeard. I was concerned with how I was going to draw a peg leg on Popkin so I switched them. When it came time to draw Redbeard I realized that I had gotten mixed up. Redbeard doesn’t HAVE a peg leg. Popkin’s rounder shape would have been better suited for Redbeard than Tomaw but really Unhygienix is pretty round too so that was going to be a wash either way. Anyway, the beard was trickier on Tomaw because of his muzzle. It is what it is.


That’s the last of the Asterix mash-ups. Next week we begin a whole new theme that’s rich in nostalgia…if you were a kid of the eighties. If not, well, they still look cool. See you next Wednesday for the reveal.

Sep 162015

It’s a New Day! Yes it is! A new mash-up day that is! Let’s get to it!

When Cacofonix gets fired as school teacher for their children, the village women hire Bravura to replace them. She rubs all the men the wrong way with her views and inspires the women to take over. When the village is attacked by the Romans, Asterix saves the day and Bravura and he share a moment…sort of.

I felt myself running out of female Asterix characters. I found this one piece that grouped most of the women of Asterix together and used it to figure out who I could feature. The keys of course were a distinctive look and some name value in the Asterix mythos. Bravura definitely had the former, though as she only appears in the one volume (Asterix and the Secret Weapon) she’s not the most recognizable of characters. Deema got the role because that’s who was left.


That’s all for this week. One more Asterix mash-up left. Who can it be? Find out next Wednesday!

Sep 092015

I’ve been so forgetful when it comes to posting things lately, I decided to prepare this post in advance so it’ll go up on schedule. That said, welcome to the Wednesday Mash-up!

Fulliautomatix’s wife is another character who’s never given a name. She’s really short which is in contrast to Fulliautomatix who’s the tallest villager. She doesn’t play much of a part in any story. She’s just there.

If Mrs. Fulliautomatix is so bland, then why did I chose her for a mash-up? Well, originally, I was going to draw Vitalstatistix’s wife, Impedimenta, but her dress is so similar to Mrs. Geriatrix (only pink instead of green) that it felt like a cheap repeat. Mrs. Fulliautomatix’s dress is nearly identical to Bacteria’s (Unhygienix’s wife), but if Zoë was going to be playing a spouse to someone, I wanted it to be Skitter instead of Popkin, so Mrs. Fulliautomatix she is. I think this one turned out rather cute.


That’s all for this week. Two more Asterix mash-ups to go! Deema is up next. She’ll be dressed up as a more recent addition to the Asterix mythos. Find out who next week.

Sep 022015

It is the time where we look at mash-up, yes? Yes. Then let us look at the mash-up.

Fulliautomatix is the village blacksmith. He’s the brawniest villager, which you would expect from a blacksmith. He has a running rivalry with the fishmonger Unhygienix over the freshness of the latter’s fish. He also is usually the first to violently silence Cacophonix every time the bard tries to sing. While others have played semi-important roles in certain stories, Fulliautomatix usually stays home. One of the rare times he left the village was along with all the village males who accompanied Asterix, Obelix and Getafix to Greece to cheer them on during the Olympic Games.

I thought it would be funny to have the smallest cast member play one of the largest characters, so Skitter landed the role of Fulliautomatix. I don’t have anything else to say really about this piece. All the Asterix mash-ups have been really easy to draw and colour.


That’s all for this week. Next week, we get to meet Fulliautomatix’s wife. See you next Wednesday for the reveal.

Aug 262015

Mash-up time! Mash-up time! It’s my very favorite time of week…tied with new comic day 1, new comic day 2, blog day and bandit comic day. That said, let’s get to the mash-up.

Unhygienix is the village fishmonger. Despite the questionable freshness of his wares, he manages to stay in business which is surprising given that the villagers all seem to almost exclusively eat wild boar. A common gag in the series is for someone to make a comment about how Unhygienix’s fish are not fresh and for a fight to break out. His village rival is Fulliautomatix, the blacksmith (more on him next week).

I juggled roles around at the last minute. Up until I sat down to start drawing this piece, Tomaw was going to be playing Unhygienix. I switched because I decided that I didn’t want Popkin to play the part I originally had planned for him and Tomaw was the only other male character left (I’m not posting these in the order I drew them) so I switched them. You’ll see which role Tomaw got in a few weeks.


That’s all for this week. Next week is Fulliautomatix’s turn. Who’ll be playing him? Find out next Wednesday (it’s not Tomaw).

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