Jan 302018

Good time part Top Men and Top Women! It’s blog time!

The little author Sass arc comes to a close this week. We’ll be moving on to a winter-themed month of February. I’ve had the weather on my mind lately and I’m making up for like four years of little to no winter strips. The strips have a little more action to them than the sitting at a table arc that’s been running (oh how easy that was to draw).

So last week I was all excited to watch the 25th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw. What a snoozefest that was! Very disappointing. Only one match of note and a whole bunch of walk out and wave appearances. I expected more.

The Royal Rumble was a much better show (as you would expect from a pay-per-view/WWE Network special). They managed to surprise me with some of their booking decisions. Roman Reigns didn’t win and Cesaro and Sheamus reclaimed the tag titles so on that alone, the show gets a thumbs up. Oh and somebody named Ronda Rousey showed up.

In the last two weeks I’ve tried Race for the Galaxy and Roll for the Galaxy, two games built on the same theme with the same iconography and look. I can’t say for sure which I like better, though I’m inclined to go with the one that had dice in it (that would be Roll of course). They both have a pretty big flaw in my book in that they feel much too draw dependent. I only played two games of each but in the second game of both I just felt like I was going through the motions with no chance of winning because the objectives I was drawing just had no synergy and I wasn’t the only person at the table with that problem. I like some luck in my games, but for a game that seems built on the premise of building a good game engine, it’s disappointing to have so little control over what you can do. I didn’t draw a good card/tile? Well I can waste my next turn on hoping I draw a better one while my opponent uses his turn to refine his already working engine or just churn out points.

I’m super hungry so I’m gonna bow out now. Have a good seven and we’ll do this again next Monday. Carja V

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