Oct 092017

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Top Canadian Men and Top Canadian Women out there. To everybody else, happy Monday. It’s blog time.

The FCL put on its biggest wrestling show to date (at least to my knowledge), ShawiMania, this past Saturday. It did solid business and it was great to be a part of it as a fan of wrestling for the past thirty years. The guys and gals really put their hearts into delivering the best matches they could. To add to the attraction, they booked two big names for the show, Shane “Hurricane” Helms and the Tough Guy himself, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. VIP tickets sold out quickly but I got the hookup from Lyne and Fab. That included ringside seats and a chance to meet Hurricane and Hacksaw.

Hurricane was cordial, but a little reserved. I chose not to get my picture taken with him, not because I don’t like him as a wrestler (I always found him to be highly entertaining in the ring and on the mic) but because I don’t like having my picture taken in general.

Hacksaw’s flight was delayed several times so his meet and greet was moved to after the show and a nicer man you couldn’t imagine. He was clearly having a good time in front of the seven hundred or so fans that came out to see him. For sure, it wasn’t the heights of his WWE career, but he put his all into the show and took pictures and signed autographs for the crowd afterwards and seemed genuinely happy to do it, chatting a little with each person.  I did break down and get my picture taken with him. I can’t say he was ever one of my favorites back in the day, but he’s won me over since then and Saturday just made me like him even more.

On Sunday, we continued our Imperial Assault campaign. Finally, three years into owning the game, I’ve made it past the second mission! The games have been mostly decided by critical errors, so I’d say it’s been fairly balanced. If this continues I may have to pick up some of the expansions to play out more campaigns.

I apparently forgot to save my HBK mash-up last week so I lost all the colouring and shading work I’d done. I realized that today as I was checking out my finished pieces. Frustrating.

That’s all for this time. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. The site turns six on Wednesday so there’ll be a bonus strip up. Carja V.


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