Sep 042017

Happy Labour Day to all the Top Men and Top Women out there! I hope you’ve enjoyed your long weekend. I’ve still got a week to go! Yeah! Vacation baby! Then it’s back to five-day work weeks. Boo!

So it turns out that behind the food court with the totally cool authentic Mexican food counter, that’s behind the Cafe Morgane there’s a bookstore. I’d never even heard of it before but it’s owned by local author done good, Bryan Perro.  I was introduced to the store by a friend who warned me before we went in that they didn’t have any English books on the shelves and that if I wanted any I’d have to order them. Well wouldn’t you know, the first shelf I looked at there was an English graphic novel, Amulet Volume 1, The Stonekeeper. Right away the front cover appealed to me, with a cute bunny-looking character whom I would later learn was named Miskit. I took it being in English as a sign and picked it up. I think I’m hooked. Volume 2 is already on its way from the good people at Amazon. It’s scheduled for nine volumes with the last two yet to be published. It has a creepy, melancholic vibe going for it but in a charming and cute way. Kazu Ibuishi, you have a new fan.

I got in a few more plays of the Harry Potter deck-building game, Hogwarts Battle. I’m really enjoying it. The first two scenarios are great introductions and the game really ramps up the challenge in Game 3. The second attempt wasn’t as much of a nail biter as the first and I’m thinking it may be a little easier with more players. I’m looking forward to playing through the remaining scenarios in the box.

I think there’s an interesting dynamic between Cyran and Red Rich. Cyran is my Charlie Brown, a lovable loser type of guy. Red Rich is full of self-confidence and a little delusional. You could say he’s a little like Peppermint Patty in that sense. Cyran is a little more comfortable letting his snarky side out when he interacts with Red Rich because, well Red Rich can be a little maddening. This next storyline explores their dynamic. I’m having fun with it.

I decided against an Armello theme for the next set of mash-ups. When I was taking a closer look at the costumes, they weren’t quite what I had in my mind. Weird. Anyway, I’m doing wrestling flashbacks instead. I’m thinking the first set will get me pretty close to Christmas so I might split the faces and heels up and revisit a Holidays theme in between.

That’s all for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

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