Aug 212017

It’s Monday.

So the sun disappeared this afternoon. At least it did for folks south of the border. Up here in Canada it wasn’t a total eclipse. There were more lookie-loos out than usual at break time. With all the talk of how dangerous it is to look at a solar eclipse I was left not wanting to even look up when I went out. I pictured there being a sudden sound that made me do so and then me screaming, “Oh dear god! My eyes!” as I accidentally caught a glimpse of this potentially eye-damaging natural phenomenon. The thought made me chuckle. So that’s my eclipse story for this go-around.

The plan was to move on to a Deema story in the Funnies at the conclusion of the current Sass and Raz arc. That was the plan. I like to put a couple of one-shots between each longer story. This time around I just couldn’t think of any. I finally came up with something featuring Red Rich and wouldn’t you know it, the throwaway gag grew into a little story of its own. So that’s what’s coming up next in the strip. It shouldn’t be very long (that’s what I always say).

Fantasy Flight Games announced a reprint of West End Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying Game to commemorate the game’s 30th anniversary. Man that makes me feel old. I didn’t quite get in on the ground floor, but it was pretty early in the run. I still remember going out with Fab to spend my Christmas money on nerdy stuff. We hit the stores in Trois Rivieres and nothing really caught my fancy. We ended the day at the small toy store in town and they happened to have the French edition published Jeux Descartes. That game was a regular staple of our weekends and summers for the next three or four years. I stopped following the line about the time that the Heir to the Empire trilogy started getting sourcebooks as my sparse money was going towards other hobbies at the time. Until that time I had just about every supplement they released.  They were chock full of information that went on to influence the Expanded Universe for years. There were good books like the original Star Wars Sourcebook and the less interesting like the incredibly niche Death Star Technical Companion.  It didn’t matter I needed them all. Seeing the re-edition news made me think about planning a one-shot adventure at Les Dés Truqués during the holiday season to coincide with the release of Episode VIII. The wheels have begun turning.

That’s it for the blog this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

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