Aug 072017

Hello. The weekend is over. Long live the newborn week! Seven days may it live and then die like weeks do.

I revisited an old friend over the weekend: X-Wing Miniatures Game. It’d been some time since I played but I was talking with one of the fine patrons of Les Dés Truqués and it turned out he had quite a few ships but had never played. I said that was easy to fix and so we made plans to play. Those plans came to fruition quicker than expected. Typically in this sort of situation, we say we’ll do something and then forget about it. The very next time Pat came to the store he had his ships with him and we played. Even though I was a little fuzzy on the basics, I built a quick team and we started. I got off to a nice start and took out one of his heavy hitters. Then I made a colossal error. I turned left instead of right and my big ship flew right out of the play area. Fortunately I still had Wedge in play and that made all the difference. Victory to the Alliance. Now the urge to buy more ships has been rekindled. Oh cruel fates! You hate my wallet so!

I can’t say enough good things about Board Game Bliss. I ordered a game on Tuesday and by Friday it was waiting for me at the post office. They’re a great Canadian store with a sizable collection of games in stock, including a lot of imports that you won’t find in most North American stores. This time around I picked up Roll Player. It’s a game about making RPG characters. Talk about meta. Sight unseen I backed the expansion on Kickstarter. I could have included the base game with my pledge, but it was pointed out to me that the base game was at retail so I could save some time (and some money) and order it sometime between then and when the expansion was slated to be delivered. It’s a pretty neat game. It has a solitaire variant where you just try for the best score.

I finished the Space Age remakes over the weekend. Now I have to design some costumes for Skitter and Chae. I’ll need to do a little research for that. Should be fun.

The Coin Tales storyline has begun. I’m happy with the way it turned out. I’ve got a week or two of strips left to draw for it but I know where it’s going. It’s a story that went pretty much as planned which is a rarity for me.  These shorter storylines work well for me. I don’t feel locked in like I did for the last few arcs. The next planned arc is a Deema story. She hasn’t been seen in the strip since September so I think she’s due for some screen time.

That’s all for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.


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