May 082017

Hello there Top Men and Top Women. It’s blog time again so let’s get to it shall we?

I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on Saturday afternoon.  I’ll get to my thoughts on the movie in a bit, but the story of going to and coming back from the movie is mildly entertaining so let’s start with that. Going to the movies is typically something I do on Sundays but there was an event scheduled at Les Dés Truqués so I decided to go on Saturday. Now Saturday was a rainy day and I had no bus tickets left. It also occurred to me that since I’m going to Les Dés Truqués so often, it might be worth it to buy a bus pass even if I plan to bike to work every day. To do this I had to walk to the store in the rain. Crazy as it sounds, I haven’t owned an umbrella since I was a kid, so this meant getting wet. No problem, it won’t be that bad, right? Well, it turns out that Saturday morning was some fine schlorping weather (so named for the sound made when you take off a wet t-shirt). I was drenched by the time I got back home…with a whole eight minutes to spare before I needed to catch the bus to go to the movies. I quickly got changed and went out, saw the movie and then was ready to come home.

Because I’m terrible at remembering bus times, I downloaded Transit which has pretty much every bus schedule imaginable. I mean, it has Shawinigan’s bus schedule and this is nowheresville in the scheme of things. Why do I mention all this? Because when the movie was over, I checked the app to see what time the next bus was going to pass. 5 minutes. Hmmm…that was cutting it close but I thought I could make it, so I rushed out to the bus stop even though I kinda needed to go to the bathroom. On my way I see a couple waiting for the bus going in the opposite direction. That’s unfortunate for them I thought to myself since the bus going my way was about to arrive meaning in theory that they had missed the bus going in their direction. But then their bus arrived. I rechecked the app and much to my dismay, I realized that it was still telling me the time to the next bus going in the direction I had taken to get TO the movies. Doh! There was close to a half hour before the bus heading home passed.

I certainly didn’t want to wait for a half hour at the bus stop. I could (and possibly should) have decided to go back to the theatre to wait but I decided to challenge myself to see how far I could get walking before the bus caught up with me. Could I make it to Les Dés Truqués and stop in for a quick purchase I wanted to make for that evening’s gaming? The farther I walked, the later the bus time would be when it caught up with me. Maybe it was doable. I walked for about an hour before I decided I was running the risk of being between two bus stops when the bus caught up with me and stopped. It turns out I could have walked for another five minutes or so before I was in danger of that happening and I was less than 10 minutes away from Les Dés Truqués. So I almost made it, though I never would have had the time to stop in. I could have done with the rain during it all, but all in all, it didn’t go too poorly.

Okay, but what about the movie?

The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was easily my favorite of the Marvel movies. I loved the characters, the story was entertaining and the action sequences didn’t overstay their welcome (a pet peeve of mine with superhero movies). Oh and it was funny. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is easily as entertaining as the first. And it delivers even more laughs. I’m not sure if I can say I prefer it to the original. I want to see it again at least twice to see if it holds up for me. That will likely wait until the blu-ray release later this year.

So that’s all for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

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