May 022017

Hello and good Monday to all the Top Men and Top Women out there. Let’s see what words come out of my brain today.

Saturday was International Tabletop Day. And a good day it was. I spent it at Les Dés Truqués which is a mighty fine establishment for gaming fans. They held a gaming challenge to play up to 12 selected board games throughout the day. Every 3 games played earned you a raffle ticket to win some board games. Of course our group played all 12, because that’s how we roll…dice that is! Let’s see if I can remember all 12 games. There was Mahé, Ciao! Ciao!, Incan Gold, Lost Temple, Fauna, Kingomdomino, Battle Sheep, Tem-purr-a, Heroes for Hire, Marakesh…and I’m spacing out on the last two. (EDIT: Fennecs and King’s Gold) There were also Concept challenges. Now I’m not a big Concept fan. It’s more of a game than an activity and involves a lot of sitting around and waiting while somebody tries to think of how to make the other players guess their word. This wasn’t as bad because all the clues were nerd-centric and the clues were thought out ahead of time so you just looked at the layout and wrote down your guess. Each correct guess earned you a chance to win yet more games. There were door prizes as well. I did okay for myself as I won one of the Concept prizes and some promos for Sea of Clouds and Mice & Mystics (woot!)

Even after a whole day’s worth of gaming, I was still raring for more so I went back on Sunday and played even more games, like Port Royal, Karuba and Enigma and I finally tried Formula D which works really well as a car racing game.

All this gaming keeps bringing me back to the idea of making my own game, Age of Animus themed of course. I’ve been mulling around concepts for an adventure game again. I think I’ve got some ideas that kinda sorta work. It remains to be seen how they all mesh together.

I’m over two-thirds done with the Street Fighter flashbacks. Any suggestions for the next flashback set? Here are the themes that still need revisiting: Wrestling, Wonderland, X-Men, Space Age, Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors and a plain old set of the cast.

That’s all for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

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