Apr 102017

Good Monday Top Men and Top Women. How fare ye? Well I hope.

Weekends always pass by faster than you really want them to. Especially when you sleep your way through a good chunk of them. Yesterday, two fun events were available to me but a headache kept me from attending either. I finally decided to take a nap in the afternoon and slept all the way til this morning. I guess my body was trying to tell me I was tired. It’s nice to know I have a short week ahead of me to compensate.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the new games I’ve tried. On Saturday I tried something I feel was somewhat unique. Magic Maze is a cooperative game where the players try to guide four adventurers through a shopping mall maze to steal equipment and then run away before time runs out. The twist? The players aren’t allowed to talk. Each player has a tile which dictates which actions they can make the adventurers take. One player might be able to make them go left, while another can make them go up. Each player has to pay attention to what’s going on and make the right moves to get to the desired location. It’s an interesting challenge. We almost made it through the introductory scenario on our first try, but one of us happened to be the store manager and he needed to answer a client which robbed us of precious seconds. For that reason, I say we won.

Other than that it’s been fairly quiet lately. I drew the last strip of Barnaby’s To Derp or Not to Derp storyline. This week I get to draw another milestone as I reach strip number 600. Of course, we’re still weeks away from that one going up on the site, but it’s something to look forward to.That

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

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