Feb 272017

Hey there Top Men and Top Women, glad to have you back for another blog post.Let’s get to it.

I started training for my new job last week. The schedule isn’t the best. We’re going from 8 to 4 and the bus schedule has me arriving and leaving on the half hour. That leaves me with a half hour to kill before and after my work day every day. Fortunately that should end soon, like Wednesday. As for what I think of the work I’ll be doing…I’m reserving judgement still.

I went a little crazy on Kickstarter this past week. I hadn’t backed anything since July and now I’ve backed two projects and pre-ordered a third that successfully funded. I’d tagged a few that were interesting over the past few months, but ultimately didn’t pull the trigger on any of them. These three really spoke to me though I guess. Too Many Bones should actually be shipping soonish, while Quodd Heroes and By Order of the Queen will arrive late in the year.

I spent the day at Les Dés Truqués, the new gaming café in town. It wasn’t the plan. I had lunch and was sorting my Destiny cards and the place was starting to fill up. I didn’t want to hold up a table, so I started packing up. That’s when the owner arrived with some friends who were there to game with other folk. I was other folk and so I gamed with them for the rest of the day and evening. My two favorites are ironically the ones whose names I can’t remember. One was a nifty crafting game that used dice as resources and the other was a neat little trick-taking game. Other games I played included Kharnage, which I didn’t care for at all, Dogs of War and Planetarium which were alright and Eggs and Empires which I’ve mentioned before. I also did a little promotion for Lords of Waterdeep as I helped teach it to a couple who were looking for a new light to medium-weight game to play. Good day. Good day.

It’s looking like I may run a small D&D session in the near future. I was going to start playing in a campaign with some people at work but the closer we got to it, the less I felt like it was going to work for me so I pulled out (and not as gracefully as I would have wanted to). I was talking about it with some other co-workers and one of them mentioned he’d always wanted to give D&D a try. And so as I closed the door on one opportunity, another one opened up. Weird.

Episode 85 of Critical Role aired a couple of weeks ago and it packed quite the punch. Sam Riegel is amazing. It’s amazing how much you can become invested in a group of characters. I won’t say more because I wouldn’t want to spoil things for somebody thinking about watching the show. It’s a huge time investment (each episode is between 2 and 4 hours), but so much fun.

Raw is about to start and I have yet to have supper so that’s all for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.

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