Aug 192013

In this week’s blog I revealed the birthdays of the Animus Funnies characters. In the post I mention the significance of three of those birthdays and I’ve spoken in the past about another. Well, it turns out the other birthdays I picked also have some significance behind them. Barnaby’s for instance, is another friend’s birthday. The others are for less personal reasons.

Because I’m curious to see how obvious the reasons I chose for each birthday are, I decided to set up a little contest. Below is a list of characters and their birthdays. You all now have to figure out the reasoning behind each character’s birthday. Email your answers to:

EDIT: Remember that you have to include in your answer the reason why I picked the date for THAT character. Example: Barnaby’s birthday is February 2nd. It wouldn’t be enough to say, “February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day” (even if it were right). You’d have to tell me why I picked Groundhog’s Day for Barnaby and not say Big Oonch who is actually a groundhog. Your answer would be “You picked February 2nd for Barnaby because it’s Groundhog’s Day and Barnaby has always dreamed of being a groundhog!” And you’d be wrong on both accounts.

The first person to guess the reason for a particular character’s birthday wins a laminated print of their favorite mash-up. I’ll even sign it if you ask. There are nine birthdays so nine prints to win. The contest will be open until each birthday is correctly answered for.

Maximum of one prize per participant. I’ll contact the winners by email to find out the print they’d like and to get their coordinates so they can get their print. The print will be sent within two weeks of receiving their selection and coordinates.

I will post the correct answers as I receive them so people can concentrate on the prizes left to be won. If a person gets more than one birthday right, I’ll post to say which ones they got right, but I won’t post the answers beyond the first so that others will have a chance to win.



Tomaw and Pickle Patch Bandit Nolan – February 12th
Deema – March 17th
Skitter – April 2nd
Red Rich – June 25th
Todrick – July 1st
Clive the Pickle Patch Bandit – October 3rd
Popkin – November 14th
Pickle Patch Bandit Wilson – November 18th
Sass – December 21st

Rules subject to revision if I notice something stupid I left out.

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