Dec 142013
Meeting Darron - Conclusion

The bear ignored the startled looks he got as he walked the boy through town in search of his uncle’s home. The possum barely said two words the whole way there. He felt like he should have said something, but he had never been a bear of words. Once the boy’s uncle recovered from the […]

Dec 082013
Meeting Darron - Part Three

He had been unsure at first, but the further they walked, the more certain the possum was that they were going in the right direction. It turned out that he had covered a considerable distance for it took close to an hour to make their way back. “It was just beyond this ridge,” the young […]

Dec 022013
Meeting Darron - Part Two

“Help! Help!” The young possum cried out from the top of a tall spruce. He hoped to catch the attention of any animal in earshot. Two wolves circled the base of the tree. They eyed him voraciously. They were practically drooling. He would make a tender morsel. They were just about to make a move […]

Nov 222013
Meeting Darron - Part One

His stomach rumbled, “It must be spring,” he thought to himself. A look outside the cave entrance confirmed his suspicions. While many of the awakened worked through the winter, he still subscribed to the old ways. Winter was for sleeping. He stretched his limbs. His claws grazed against the cave walls. Was his cave getting […]

Jul 062013
Furship Chronicles: The Furship Investigates - Part Five

DISCLAIMER: The Furship Chronicles narrate the adventures of our gaming group as we playtest the Age of Animus Storytelling Game. Bunwick is played by Frank, Emeraldine Fiera is played by Melanie, Raz is played by Steve, Wilhemina is played by Fab and Zouly is played by Lyne. The interactions you read are not straight transcriptions […]

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