Aug 072017
You Would Never Break the Chain

Hello. The weekend is over. Long live the newborn week! Seven days may it live and then die like weeks do. I revisited an old friend over the weekend: X-Wing Miniatures Game. It’d been some time since I played but I was talking with one of the fine patrons of Les Dés Truqués and it […]

Jul 312017
I'll Be the Guard Dog of All Your Favorite Dreams

Monday already? Time sure does fly. Whoo boy! I’m feeling super sleepy tonight. I’ve dozed off a couple of times already. Logic dictates that I should go to bed early. Logic rarely wins this argument though. I’m back to working Mondays. Considering that my original plan was to take all the Mondays in July off […]

Jul 172017
Doin' the Pigeon Every Day

Hello Top Men and Top Women. Last night I did something I hadn’t done in…gosh many a year. I played Magic The Gathering against living, breathing opponents face to face. Le Joker du Jeu had a prerelease sealed tournament for the latest Magic expansion and not having any other plans for the evening, I decided […]

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