Mar 212017
When He Jumps Up High He Flies Like a Wild Eagle

Hello there Top Men and Top Women! Time to blog. I’m feeling a little more coherent this week so let’s see if we can blog a bit more than last time. I dipped my toe back into the D&D waters on Saturday. The opportunity just sorta dropped into my lap. I was talking to one […]

Mar 142017
This Song is Just Six Words Long

Hello there Top Men and Top Women. This week’s blog isn’t going to be very long so let’s get right to it. Yesterday my gaming group held a special game day to end the March Break. It was a nice time overall. It ended with a super long game of Stone Age. Why was it […]

Mar 062017
In the White Freeze, I Never Spoke of Tears

Hello Top Men and Top Women! Not a lot to blog about this week, so let’s get right to it. As all of you Topsters know, I’m a bit of a wrestling fan. But did you know that there is a local wrestling scene in my hometown? Well I did, but for some reason I […]

Feb 272017
Wide Eyes Will Always Brighten the Blue

Hey there Top Men and Top Women, glad to have you back for another blog post.Let’s get to it. I started training for my new job last week. The schedule isn’t the best. We’re going from 8 to 4 and the bus schedule has me arriving and leaving on the half hour. That leaves me […]

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