Jun 202017
Now This Chicken...Can Kill!

Howdy Top Men and Top Women. I’m feeling a little cruddy today so I’ll be keeping the blog brief(er than usual). I played some good games and one not so good game this week. Cash & Guns, Dragon Farkle, Dice City: good games. Batman The Animated Series: Almost Got ‘Im: Not so good. It’s a […]

Jun 122017
It Feels Just Like a Piledriver

It be Monday, time to blog…ARRRR! Because I be talkin’ like a pirate for no reason. ARRR! Okay, so that’s enough of that. This weekend was the yearly town sidewalk sale where the town shuts down its main commercial street to traffic so that townsfolk can rent tables and sell stuff. It’s an event and […]

Jun 052017
Make a Hawk a Dove, Stop the War With Love

Hello Top Men and Top Women. I’m blogging again. I went to see Wonder Woman on Saturday and it was good. Really good. Easily in my top five superhero movies. They got a DC superhero movie right and that’s just cool. Gal Gadot is wonderful (see what I did there?). Her Wonder Woman was my […]

Jun 022017
Flashback Friday - Sakura

It’s late but it’s still Friday so there’s still time for a flashback. Let’s get right to it. Sakura first appears in Street Fighter Alpha 2. That’s all I know about the character and even that I had to wiki. She’s still in high school. That much I could tell from the schoolgirl uniform she […]

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