Dec 112017
If They Should Bar Wars, Please Let These Star Wars Stay

Greetings Programs! It’s time for the blog that is on Mondays. For it is Monday which is a day of blogging, so let us get to the blogging that falls on Mondays. My ticket is purchased and I’m ready for Thursday’s preview showing of The Last Jedi. Can’t wait! Star Wars has been an important […]

Dec 042017
Another One Rides the Bus!

Hello there Top Men and Top Women. It’s story time in blog corner. So my city’s bus company decided to switch from simple cardboard bus passes to magnetic strip passes. When you get on the bus, you swipe your card and the bus records your ride. You have to pay a deposit for your first […]

Nov 272017
Never Let You Get Between Me and My Guitar

Greeting Programs! Time for another blog! I won my first Star Wars Destiny tournament on Saturday! Granted there were only five players and one was a beginner, but it still counts! I rolled out a Sabine/Rebel Commando deck that was able to generate huge damage rolls. The first game was pretty decisive. The second was […]

Nov 212017
I Wanna Feel the Night Around the Stars

Hey there! Feels like just this morning I was posting a flashback and now it’s already time for a blog. Weird huh? Yeah I can’t believe I went through the whole weekend before remembering to post the flashback. Whoops! I can only promise to try to do better next time. On top of being lax […]

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