Aug 192013
CONTEST: Win a Free Laminated Print!

In this week’s blog I revealed the birthdays of the Animus Funnies characters. In the post I mention the significance of three of those birthdays and I’ve spoken in the past about another. Well, it turns out the other birthdays I picked also have some significance behind them. Barnaby’s for instance, is another friend’s birthday. […]

Jun 082013
Furship Chronicles: The Furship Investigates - Part One

DISCLAIMER: The Furship Chronicles narrate the adventures of our gaming group as we playtest the Age of Animus Storytelling Game. Bunwick is played by Frank, Emeraldine Fiera is played by Melanie, Raz is played by Steve, Wilhemina is played by Fab and Zouly is played by Lyne. The interactions you read are not straight transcriptions […]

Jun 162012
Comics Changes

Well, I did something stupid…again, but I think it might work out. I tried installing the Comic Easel plugin and then converted all the Animus Funnies posts to it…and then they wouldn’t work anymore. GRAAAAH! But now they’re working, and I even have navigation buttons! BUT The Featured Content feature of the Suffusion theme doesn’t […]

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Mar 012012
Starting Over

UPDATE 3: Everything is back up! (Well everything I wanted back up…some old news posts I didn’t feel were worth putting back up) UPDATE 2: All the stories and blogs are back up, including this week’s intended story (no blog for this week). UPDATE 1: The Funnies (French and English) are all back up, including […]

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