Sep 202013

From the journal of Ardebast Raconteur : When you’re a traveler like I am, you get to know the various rangers who are charged with keeping order in the stretches of land between towns. They’re the ones who keep the roads safe to travel after all. I’ve come to be friends with many of these earnest […]

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Feb 092013
The Pickle Patch Bandits

From the journal of Ardebast Raconteur: When times are hard, some furs resort to criminal activities to get by. You can find such brigands everywhere, including, as it so happens, a pickle patch. While travelling to the Crimson Coast, I got lost (it happens even to me sometimes) and found myself in a pickle patch. […]

Jun 152012

From the logbook of Mouse Winger Zoë: I met a Scaley today. Her name is Deema and she is not at all what I expected. Mice and lizard-folk rarely get along, but by all accounts Deema is not like most lizard-folk. She’s not like any folk I’ve ever met. She’s a little on the eccentric […]

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Jan 112012

From the journal of Ardebast Raconteur: King Pepetus remains one of the more popular figures in Pelarian history. Furs never tire of hearing stories about him. That doesn’t mean I can content myself with telling the same stories all the time. I have a reputation to maintain. It was as I was doing research on […]

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