Oct 112013

From the journal of Ardebast Raconteur : One of the great wonders of Pelarian society is the tinker, a mechanical construct that is capable of simple thought. The secret is in the tinker-core, which only guild tinkerers know how to create. There are different classes of tinkers. Heavy-labour tinkers, are durable constructs built to perform […]

Oct 042013

I follow the path diligently. I cannot see the sky. But the forest conspires against me. It wants to see me die. – Excerpt from “Forlorn Journey” “To enter the Forlorn Forest is to enter madness itself.” – Uncredited From the journal of Ardebast Raconteur: If you travel from one end of Pelaria to the […]

Sep 272013
Lake Dolimere

From the journal of Ardebast Raconteur : At the foot of the Everhigh Mountains lies Lake Dolimere. The water of the lake  flows down from the mountains and is said to hold special restorative powers. Many a scholar has tried to ascertain the source of the healing properties without much success. The theory currently making the […]

Mar 302013
The Rota

From the journal of Ardebast Raconteur: If you’re given to traveling through Pelaria, sooner or later you’ll come across the Rota. The Rota are nomads. They travel Pelaria in caravans with the wind as their guide. Each caravan is a family led by a father. The father is wind-seeker, reading the wind currents to determine […]

Mar 232013
The Everhigh Mountains

From the journal of Ardebast Raconteur: The Everhigh Mountains were named by a mountain goat climber who remarked that no matter how high he climbed, the mountains seemed to stretch ever higher. Many furs have lost their lives in this mountain range. Although many have tried to reach the summit, none have succeeded. Not even […]

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