Mar 212017

Hello there Top Men and Top Women! Time to blog. I’m feeling a little more coherent this week so let’s see if we can blog a bit more than last time.

I dipped my toe back into the D&D waters on Saturday. The opportunity just sorta dropped into my lap. I was talking to one friend about dropping out of the D&D game I was supposed to join  when another friend mentioned he’d always wanted to try playing. Fast forward a couple of weeks and there we were on Saturday making characters. There will be five, maybe six, player characters and me as the Dungeon Master. I haven’t DM’d in years. The last time was actually when I was giving a go at an Age of Animus RPG system (look it up, there are write-ups on the site). We started late so we didn’t finish, but we have the start of a direction. It’s kinda exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I got to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past last week. I’m digging the game system. I was playing the villains with three Criq members playing the Turtles. I misread the rules and ended up playing at half strength for the first round. The Turtles couldn’t roll movement icons for the life of them so I very easily could have run away and won the scenario but I didn’t want our first experience be so anticlimactic so I stuck around for a bit to give the Turtles a chance. In the end, it came down to one ranged attack from Raphael. If it hit, I lost. If it missed, I’d be able to run away on my next turn.  Wouldn’t you know it, they hit and that was all she wrote. Still, I very much enjoyed the game. I look forward to playing again.

The fight between Barnaby and Fang has begun. I got to try my hand at drawing combat scenes again and I have to say, I’m pretty terrible at it. Actually coming up with new and different battle poses was super difficult. One strip in (the one that goes up tomorrow) and I felt I’d run out of juice for the fight. That pushed me to find a different path to get to the desired conclusion. I’m there now and while it’s not as grandiose as I would have liked, it’s at least something I felt I could draw. How does it end? Well, you’ll just have to read along and see, won’t you? (That’s what they call a hook.)

Montreal Comic Con has announced Nathan Filion as a guest of honor. There was a time when that announcement would have filled me excitement. Sadly that time seems to have passed as I have little to no interest whatsoever in going. It feels like a part of me has died. My wallet will thank me for it though, so there’s that.

That’s all for this week. Have a good seven and we’ll do this all again next Monday. Carja V.


Mar 172017

Howdy! Time for a flashback. It is Friday after all. Click on a picture to embiggen it!

Wash is Serenity’s pilot. He has a great solo moment in his very first scene where he’s playing with his toy dinosaurs. He’s quirky and has a fun sense of humour. Of course he was one of my favorite characters.

Red Rich returns to the role that made him about as famous as he already is. Really happy with this.

Here’s the comparison to the original. I had this tendency to make Rich’s and Todrick’s ears really small. I liked the dinosaurs from the original so I didn’t have to really update them much. You don’t get to see as much of them though since Rich is actually holding them now.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!

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