Jan 152018

Hello Blog Readers. Did you miss me? I fully meant to write a blog on Tuesday but then, I didn’t. So there was nothing for you to read here last week. Well, assuming that you’re fully caught up on all the content that’s already available. No puppies were injured due to me missing a post (that can be reasonably proven at any rate), so let us all move on to what’s on my mind this week.

Well darn.

Seems like there’s nothing on my mind. Last Monday I was thinking about writing on why the Rey revelation from The Last Jedi was great, but this week I’ve decided I don’t want to be that guy.

Say, did I write about my Gloomhaven experience? No, because that happened last Sunday and I didn’t write a blog last week.

So yeah. Gloomhaven. It’s the number one game on Considering how many games are listed on the site and how few of them have ever been number one (like maybe ten?) in the site’s history, it’s a pretty significant accomplishment.

I didn’t like it.

Note that not liking something is not the same as hating something. I didn’t hate the experience. It’s a well thought out game with plenty of choices which I’m sure its fans find interesting. It just failed to connect with me. Part of me worries that I’m missing out. That there’s a game that I’d really like in there if I just stuck with it. It’s rated so highly for a reason, right? But then there’s other part of me that says why stick with a game that I don’t particularly enjoy in the HOPES that I learn to like it, when I could just play another game that might click with me right away? I suppose if I’d been one of the folk who spent the big bucks on the game (to its credit the full box weighs like 10 pounds and it’s jammed pack with content) I’d be more inclined to want to try harder to like it. Fortunately, I did not spend the big bucks on the game so I can leave it in my rear view mirror, never to be seen again except maybe at the next gaming table over where another group is enjoying themselves with it. More power to them in that case.

That’s what I’ve written this week and I will write no more until the next time I write. Have a good seven and we’ll do this next Monday. Carja V.


Jan 122018

Hey there flashback fans! It’s the last Christmas flashback just in time for…two weeks after New Year’s.

Here’s Big Oonch as a Frosty the Snowman. A snowman isn’t as strictly tied to Christmas so this doesn’t feel as late as it could.

Here’s a comparison to the original.

That’s all for this week. We’re going back to some rasslin’ next week!

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