Welcome Traveller,


ArdebastI am so pleased to see you! Allow me to be your guide as you travel in the Age of Animus. I have so many stories to share with you. If you’re feeling up to it, perhaps you’ll share one or two with me, hmm? Where would you like to begin? There are–excuse me? My name? Oh, of course! My apologies! In all my excitement, I forgot my manners. Ardebast Raconteur, at your service!

What is Age of Animus?

Age of Animus is a fictional realm of animals awakened to sentience living in harmony (or sometimes discord) with the animals of the Wild. There are short stories, comic strips, and almanac entries chronicling the places and furs in the world of Pelaria, not to mention all the pictures (wait, by saying “not to mention them all the pictures”, I actually mentioned them, didn’t I?)

Navigating the Site

Ardebast will always be here on the main page to greet you, but there’s so much more to see. There’s a preview section above the menu tabs that will let you peek at the new content on the site. The sidebar is another good way to quickly access new content and the menu tabs allow you to access the various sections of the website for more thorough exploration.

Click on the Characters tab in the menu to read up on the various characters featured on the site. If you want to know more about the world these characters live in, then the Pelaria tab is for you. Maybe you just want to read a story. The Stories tab has you covered. When I have a new story or entry to share, it goes up on Saturdays.

You like comics? Of course you do! Everybody likes comics! That’s what the Animus Funnies tab is for. Pour mes lecteurs francophones, l’onglet Farces d’Animus vous apportera aux bédés traduites en français. There are new strips every Tuesday and Thursday!

Maybe words aren’t your thing. You just want to look at pretty pictures. Well, you could do worse than clicking on the Artwork tab. There are colour pictures to look at and uncoloured pictures that you can print out and colour yourself. There’s something new every Wednesday (except when there isn’t) and lately I’ve been revisiting some old themes. Those flashbacks go up on Fridays.

Animus News is as you would expect, a place where important site news is shared. The Animus Wars tab leads to the  Star Wars parody I was working on. I’ve dropped the project, but you can still check out how far I got. Carja’s Corner is where you’ll find my weekly blog. It goes up on Mondays.

Finally there’s the Store tab. That’s where you can spend your hard-earned Shinies on Animus-themed merchandise designed by yours truly and produced by the good people at CafePress.

Enjoy your stay and I hope to see you again often!


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  1. Trying out the new avatars!

  2. i think the drawind is professionnal well done

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